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I’m John Chapman, I built the site you are on right now, Sawmills and Lumber, and I am here to help you with your Website / Internet / Tech related issues.

My company website is: DR7Media, which you can visit over at (will open in a new tab).

You might not have a website, but want one.

You might have issues with your current site.

Your website name (domain) may have expired, and you need to get everything ramped up again.

You might want to build a cool project that is a bit out of the ordinary.

You might be having trouble with Email.

If it is a problem, you want it solved, just talk to me.

You can reach me in multiple ways.

Use the contact form on this site.

Use the contact form on DR7Media.

Message me on facebook.

Send me an email.

I’ll take good care of you. I promise!

John Chapman
Sawmills and Lumber