Sawmill YouTube Channels

This is a curated list of sawmill related Youtube channels.

There are two categories. We have the hard core, all sawmilling, all the time (in general) in the top section.

The section below is for channels that have sawmills in a mix of other things. Could be a mix of hunting, homesteading, woodcraft, etc.

If you have a recommendation, let me know!

All Sawmills, All The Time Channels

McGuire and Sons Sawmill (click to view videos)

Bringing an old Foley Belsaw Circular Sawmill back to life after sitting in the weeds for over 40 years. We will also be restoring an old International tractor in the near future also. We are new to all of this video stuff, so please be patient and kind If you would like to contact us,
Responsible Timber (click to view videos)

We offer portable sawmill services. We work with contractors, developers, farmers, woodworkers, tree service companies, architects and land owners. We welcome yard trees. We can turn your trees into usable lumber.
Hobby Hardwood Alabama (click to view videos)

Hobby Hardwood Alabama, in North Alabama, creates and sells extremely high quality hardwood lumber, typically one or two grades above the highest grade specified by the National Hardwood Lumber Association (NHLA). We use special tools and techniques to produce this exceptional wood, and show some tips and techniques on this channel.
David Grissom (click to view videos)

My name is David Grissom. I have been a journeyman carpenter with the United Brotherhood of Carpenters for 20 years. I am turning my interests from run of the mill carpentry to sawmilling lumber and fine furniture building. I will be doing videos on my cell phone showing everything from cabinet installation and sawing logs into lumber to setting up my small shop in a shed in our backyard and my learning, failing, and hopefully a few wins along the way. I want to learn and perfect my craft. I don’t want to be run of the mill, I want to be exceptional.
The Old Jarhead (click to view videos)

The Old Jarhead shares videos of the Wood-Mizer LT40 sawmill in remote locations and of projects made from the lumber I make for myself.
Out Of The Woods (click to view videos)

Sharing our toil through videos. Our content includes topics on how we harvesting timber, woodworking, sawmilling and other homesteading content.
Custom Sawyer (click to view videos)

I run two LT70 Woodmizer Sawmills one of them is extended to 56 ft. and a Lucas dedicated slabber sawmill. With lots of support equipment. As long as the log isn’t a redwood or sequoia from the pacific NW just bring it to me and we will make something from it.

Sawmill Videos Mixed Channels

(channels with more than just sawmills)

True Vine Today (click to view videos)

Saw milling, Growing plants, Farming, Tractors, Raising Kids, Dogs. Cows. Plants. Hay. Chickens. Peaches. Blueberries. Construction, building, preserving history , hunting, fishing, bee keeping & educating the next generation, on the things the past generation should have taught….. just the daily happenings here at the farm.
Everyday With Me, Nick (click to view videos)

Hi everyone and thank you for popping by my channel and checking out what I’ve got to show you. My channel does not have any consistency to it, it will just show what I’m doing with no relevance to anything. I welcome peoples comments and advise and hope I give something back to my viewers too. I hope you like, I’m new so I’m learning as I go along, so learn with me as I grow and enjoy watching the mis-matched videos I make haha.
email me at for any thing.
Daigle’s Woodshop (click to view videos)

I’m just a regular guy trying to live my life to the fullest, make beautiful things out of wood, and glorify God through the process!
Brough Wood Designs (click to view videos)

Brough Wood Designs is based In Utah. We make Custom made furniture. Woodland Mills HM130max woodlander owner. We mill urban logs and use that urban lumber to build furniture. Love Sam Maloof and his designs.
WildEdgeWoodcraft (click to view videos)

We turn storm-damaged trees into wonderful “wild-edge” furniture. We also sell hardwood slabs and provide sawmilling and vacuum kiln drying services. We are located in Rougemont, North Carolina, USA.
Two Brothers Outdoors (click to view videos)

Two elderly brothers that love life and the adventures it offers! Hunting, Fishing, Motorcycles, saw milling, in the great Adirondacks and Mohawk valley. Occasionally a painfully honest review of the equipment we use. Come on in and check us out! Subscribe and interact with us! We can be found on facebook, twitter, and instagram. Under Two Brothers Outdoors. This is real life in the real woods!
Dillons Woodworks (click to view videos)

Hello and welcome to Dillons Woodworks. My name is Mike Dillon. I am a hard working married father of three wonderful kids. Working with wood started as a hobby. Over time we bought a sawmill and started cutting and selling lumber. We’ve decided to take this love for working with wood to the next level and make it my full time passion. I really enjoy sharing what I do with the YouTube community, which is why I am here.
Copper Barn Homestead (click to view videos)

Country living / Building a barn home / Property maintenance / Heavy equipment / Tractors / Sawmill
Country Homestead (click to view videos)

We are from a small East Texas town and trying to build our small homestead, we just got a Woodland HM 122 sawmill, we plan on remodeling our mobile home and living in it as we build our new house on the backside of our property.
TC Sawmills (click to view videos)

Naval Officer by day, Country by the grace of God. I am working on producing a clean family friendly channel that provides useful information about life on our farms. I love my sawmills and working with wood. I love talk about farm equipment, hunting, fishing, camping, livestock, and the crazy things my family do on the farms. I only hope I can provide some useful information to yall. Be safe and thanks for checking out the channel.